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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  December 2, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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major new development in the deadly shoots over a video gaming system. the new information police just told us moments ago. one man is dead after being hit by two separate cars. both drivers cooperating with police. there are questions whether this is considered a hit-and- run. bay area police warn atm users about a rising trend. what officers say you should do to protect yourself from thieves. >> announcer: complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> good afternoon.
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i'm eric rasmussen. tori campbell has the day off. we're learning about the deadly shooting in san francisco that revolved around an internet ad for a playstation 4. ktvu's tara moriarty just talked to police and joins us with a major development in this case. tara? >> reporter: yeah, police chief sir said they have a suspect in custody and are not releasing his name at this point, but we know he is around 20 years old and an african- american male. now, we believe that the shooting happened at the end of this street. this is galvez and mendell, according to neighbors. this would have been desolate on sunday because it's a very industrial section. we checked this whole block for surveillance video and came up empty-handed, except this building. we have yet to check to see if it has details about the killer. the victim and his girlfriend drove seven blocks after being shot here. the coroner identified the victim as 22-year-old ikenna
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wakka. he was visiting daly city forking this and had been studying economics in los angeles before he was killed. he and his girlfriend drove in their rental car in their suv to sell the newly-released playstation 4 to someone who answered an online ad. the couple was accost by the gunman, who demanded the video system and when he surrendered it, the 22-year-old was shot and killed. they ended up several blocks on bayshore boulevard near highway 101. the victim and his girlfriend, they had advertised the new ps4 on instagram, similar to this ad. they were hoping, like many sellers, to make a few hundred dollars profit on the gaming system, which goes for about $600. meeting strangers to make any deal holds inherent dangers, and police caution folks trying to buy or sell items via the internet to be careful. at 5:00, ktvu's ally rasmus has an interview with the victim's father. i'm tara moriarty, channel 2
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news. >> thank you, tara. police identified the man shot and killed in a drive-by shooting in oakland's fruitvale district. michael stinger was on his way to a family member's house when someone pulled up on coolidge avenue near school street and shot him. the gunman is at large, and officers are ask for witnesses to come forward. >> would you believe there may have been some sort of vehicle involved, what we know at this time, we do not know. >> a $10,000 reward is leading for information leading to an arrest. this marks oakland's 84th homicide of the year. police in san mateo are investigating the death of a man hit and killed by two cars. what investigators are saying about this crash. jeanine? >> reporter: well, eric, all lanes are back open here on el camino real near 92. in the last ten minutes, police left the scene and they were focused on the brunch in the
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clover leaf, questioning homeless people, asking to see if they saw anything or knew if the victim was homeless. around 6:15 this morning, a 589- year-old african-american man was hit and killed by a car while walking on el camino real near highway 92. . officers said the driver of a black honda who hit the man stayed on the scene, but a white toyota that also hit the victim left the scene, and investigators said he ended up calling police from from a nearby supermarket parking lot. there there was a period of time that elapsed between the time the accident occurred and the time that person made contact with us. what we're trying to determine is how much effort was made by that individual in attempting to contact police and how much time truly elapsed. that's part of the evolving investigation. >> reporter: officers say they are still investigating whether to call this an accident a hit
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and run and determined which cash hit the victim fist and how -- first and how fast it was going. the victim was not in a crosswalk when he was hit. various on-and-off ramp closures caused congestion on the morning commute, but everything is open now, and the investigation is going on at the station. we know that detectives are questioning both drivers. at this point, though, there are no arrests. live from san mateo, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thanks, jeanine. speed may have been a factor in a deadly train crash and in new york, and federal investigators are at the federal site. the ntsb are investigating two recorders. the derailment happened yesterday where trains are supposed to slow down to 30 miles per hour. the train did not slow the
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brakes. four were killed and 60 were injured in the crash. >> seven are in intensive care unit beds. the other two are on general medical floors. >> giant cranes are uprighting the toppled train cars today. service on that metro north line has been suspended. new at noon, oakland city councilwoman libby half filed her papers this morning. she is the council member for district 4 including montclair, diamond district, and diamond heights. the mayoral election will be held next november. the teenager set on fire last month is expected to return to school this week. 18-year-old sasha fleishman had a doctor's appointment this morning but could return to class as early as this afternoon. during an interview last week, the teen stressed the importance of returning soon. sasha spent 24 day in the burn unit after another teen set her
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skirt on fire. the 16-year-old boy has admitted to setting sasha on fire and has been charge with a hate crime. tolerance and bullying will be the focus of a meeting in richmond tonight after this video surfaced showing a group of teens fighting at hercules high school. the fight involved three girls and transgender student. the transgender student reported being bullied before the flight. the west con yatrack costa school district will discuss concerns about violence and bullying. the public meeting will be held in richmond tonight at 6:30 p.m. a suspicious device at a residential hotel in san francisco this morning prompted evacuations and a street closure in the miss district. the bomb squad responded to the 16th street hotel between guerrero and valencia this morning. police shut down the area to vehicles and pedestrians. the person in the building told us a front desk employee discovered a device in a unit that belonged to a long-time resident who recently passed away. >> they found grenade in the
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front room of a man who passed away last week and they closed down the entire block and the building evacuated all of us. >> the device was determined to be not hazardous. 16th street was reopened an hour later. president obama today pledged to continue the fight againsted a in this country and around the globe. a large red ribbon hangs in front of the white house in observance of worlded world aids day. yesterday was the 25th anniversary of aids day, mark with ceremonies around the globe. the president spoke about the advances the u.s. has made in the fight against the aids epidemic. >> i'm proud to announce we reached our goal and exceed our treatment target so we've helped 6.7 million people receive life-saving treatment. [ applause ] >> the president said it's time for the world to set new targets. president obama outlined plans
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to meet with partners worldwide for joint prevention goals for other country. anti-abortion actives are circulating a petition against a clinic that will open on the peninsula. hundreds signed the petition to oppose the clinic on el camino real and redwood city. many say it will provide healthcare services to women on the peninsula. the clinic was reportedly opening today but planned parenthood has not confirmed that. early numbers are in, and it looks like cyber monday is a big hit. according to figures released a short time ago, online shopping was up 21% compared to the same time last year. of that online traffic, a third of it was from people using smartphones tablets. the national retail federation said eight in ten are offering special cyber monday deals. >> take advantage of deal sites as well as online databases that help collect all the information in one place. it really takes hard work out
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of it for you. >> analysts say cyber monday sales could reach $2 billion this year, compared to $1.5 billion in sales last year. but shopping from a computer doesn't mean you're safe from identity thieves. experts recommend checking for the ssl padlock icon you may have seen when shopping and using a credit card than debit card to protect yourself. cyber monday means it's fedex ease busiest day in history. it expects to move 22 million shipments and the next two busiest days are december 9 and december 16. the company expects to move an additional 20 million shipments on both of those days. criminals targeting careless atm users in vallejo. the mistake the victims have all made. big change in the forecast. ktvu's rosemary ross ska will tell you about the cooldown and how low temperatures are expected to get. plus, new questions about
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the condition of the carrying actor paul walker before it crashed. the evidence some point to as a possible cause. >> announcer: closed captioning brought to you by --
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tomorrow, sonoma county supervisors will consider plans to build a park in honor of a teenage boy shot and killed by
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a sheriff's deputy while the boy was carrying a replica gun. a memorial with flowers and pictures was created for 13- year-old andy lopez near the spot where he was shot. now, supporters are hoping the site will be turn into a park to memorialize the teen. lopez was killed when the deputy thought the toy gun lopez was carrying was real. the shooting is still under investigation. a warning to bank customer in vallejo, where thieves are stealing money from careless atm users. there have been a series of recent crimes. alex savage shows us how people are becoming victims and what we did when we caught a woman making the same mistake. >> reporter: thieves are looking for people who forget to end their transaction before walking away. that leaves an opening for thieves who sneak in and steal cash. >> sometimes people attempt to push them buttons too fast and they in a rush and here he is taking the money out your stuff
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and you don't know so you have to be aware of everything. >> reporter: yesterday afternoon, a woman was robbed at this bank of america on sonoma boulevard. police said she didn't close out her transaction and noticed a man walk up to the atm she had been using. when the victim tried to stop the man from stealing her cash, he grabbed her by the throat and pinned her against the wall. the robber escaped, and now police are warning atm users to be cautious. >> if you step away before that closes out, that opens an opportunity for, uh, someone that would want to prey on you or, inattention. >> reporter: this same scenario has played out at three different banks in vallejo in the last week. investigators don't believe the same person is responsible in all those cases. around the holidays, police said this type of crime tends to increase. this morning, we watched sally brooks walk away from the atm before she closed her transaction. >> i was distracted.
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>> reporter: in her defense, the news crew parked nearby may have thrown her off. brooks said she's normally quite careful. >> make sure i push the "i'm done" button and keep an eye on surroundings because i'm not stupid. i was born here. >> reporter: it's a good idea to take out cash during the day and bring someone along with you. most importantly, don't walk away from that atm too soon. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. more about shoulder surfing. in october, ktvu reported on a scam in san francisco that cost some bank of america customers thousands. police recovered $11,000 from one suspect arrested. someone closely watches you put your pin number and uses the information to make additional transactions after you leave. bank of america said it knows about the scam and is working with law enforcement on ways to deal with that problem. new details now on the death of fast and furious actor
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paul walker. according to tmz, walker's porsche carrera gt had a mechanical failure, possibly a steering fluid leak. according to an auto shop co- owned by walker, there was a fluid trail before the skid marks at the scene and the skid marks were in a straight line, indicating the driver didn't have steering control. the car slammed into a light pole and burst into flames on saturday and in santa clarita. walker was in the area for a charity event for victims of typhoon haiyan. >> he dropped everything he could and would do everything that he could do, to help. whether it's raise money for organizations, you know, get toys, find clothing, or anything else. >> investigators said speed was a factor in the crash and that walker's porsche may have been racing another car. a san carlos gas pipeline under scrutiny for safety concerns is back in service. pg&e said the line runs below the normal pressure for a gas pipeline. it was taken out of service in
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early october when questions about its safety were raised by an engineer who worried old welding could cause a blast like in san bruno. it still needs further testing and upgrades. police said a 2-year-old who fell into a vallejo creek is making a strong recovery and is actually off life support. the family members said the 2- year- old fell into the water at blue rock springs creek while fishing with his grandmother. rescue crews rushed the child to the hospital in critical condition, but now they say he's likely to make a full recovery. they credit the child's age and temperature of the water for saving his life. >> if the water is cold enough, then it also puts them into a state of shock. it actually preserves the cardiac and brain function. >> rescuers also said if the child had not been wearing a white shirt, it would have been much more difficult to spot him in the murky water.
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happening today, a federal court in san francisco is set to hear a legal challenge to the government's no-fly list. the lawsuit allege that a former stanford doctorly student was arrested at san francisco international airport in 2005 while trying to fly to hawaii because her name was mistakenly put on the list. civil liberties advocates hope the trial will shed light on how the government assembles no-fly list. officials at sfo are scheduled to give media a sneak peek of the work happening at terminal 3's boarding area. the new boarding area is scheduled to be reopened to passenger in january with 10 gates for united airlines. airport officials said $137 million in renovations have gone towards updates like high- tech, interactive display, dining, shopping and sustainable design. a cooling trend is underway around the bay area as a very cold storm begins to make its way towards our area. giving you a look outside our doors, high clouds beginning to
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spread in, again, ahead of the system bringing some rain to northern california. i don't think we'll see much rain, if any, but we're going to feel the cold, and the wind have picked up as well. fairfield, 22 miles per hour. concord, a light breeze. napa pa reporting 13 and calm in oakland. the breezier weather will come tomorrow but for today, temperatures beginning to run cooler from 3 to 6 degrees and 57 in napa, 62 san francisco, upper 50s half moon bay, 57 right now heyward, upper 50s outside our door in oakland, giving you a look here. we will continue to see high clouds sweep through and i will back this up a little bit to show you the system here that is beginning to drop in so here it is, dropping out of canada, so a very cold system. because of its path, it's moisture-starved, although i'm seeing a little rain over crescent city, northern
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california picking up scattered showers here. the see area is expected to pick up some snow, snow levels down to 3,000 feet at some point, but for us at home, maybe a stray shower, cold, cold weather on the way and i will pick it up for you. here's the rain up north. the front will sweep through tonight into tomorrow morning and am stopping it around 8:00 because i want to show you a few sprinkles popping up. you don't see a whole lot, but we have the possibility of showers. by tomorrow, mostly cloudy and be behind the front, breezy. you can see we have cleared out from north to south. once the system moves through behind it, we have some cold weather coming our way so for the afternoon today, widespread upper 50s to low 60s, a few mid- 60s, high clouds in the forecast, a breeze for some and look at your extended forecast, temperatures beginning to take
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a plunge tomorrow. we're dropping by 10 degrees or so and when the wind goes away, overnight lows are going to plummet from upper 20s to 30s for wednesday, colder on thursday and with your bay area weekend in view, it doesn't get a whole lot better. dry and frigid. >> land lows make the goose bumps pop up on your neck already. >> we're anticipating advisories. >> thanks, rosemary. >> sure. shelters will open in the south bay before temperatures dip. three in santa clara county are set to open at 6:00. ehc life builders, a group working to end homelessness, said it will provide 275 beds in san show say, sunnyvale, and gilroy. the group is reserving some bet beds for veterans and people willing to enter its programs. more than 7500 homeless people live in santa clara people. in the central valley, citrus farmers brace for the cold snap. already, the national weather service has issued a freeze watch for the central and
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southern san joaquin valley wednesday through saturday. citrus growers are monitoring the weather to determine whether they should begin defensive procedures against the cold. a bay area retail giant talking about its plans to deliver goods with the use of unmanned drones. plus new reports about google's plans for its mysterious barge being built near treasure island.
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encouraging news about
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construction and manufacturing but as we report in the newscast, weaker holiday sales has left major stock indexes flat today. looking at the dow live right now, it's off about 43 points. we may finally know google's plans for a mysterious barge near treasure island. now that san francisco chronicle reports google may open a floating retail store. it plans to build three vessels at treasure island in dock them in los angeles and new york. they would be used to display products. amazon is testing a delivery service called prime air. you see it there. the idea is to deliver a package via unmanned drone within 30 minutes of it being ordered. the optic copters can carry items up to 5-pounds but won't be ready for another four or five year. continuing coverage on the deadly shooting in san francisco that all started with an instagram post. we just reported a suspect is
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now in custody. now, we're working to learn more about the victim, who was trying to sell a playstation on the social media site. we'll have more at 5:00. thank you for making ktvu your choice of news. we'll see you the next time news breaks and we're always here for you on, and you can follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great rest of your day.
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